WIDMANN GR-2T : Shop Crane 2 Ton


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In stock

Widmann – 2 Ton Workshop Crane

This workshop crane allows you to lift heavy loads such as engines, casings, gearboxes, etc.

All you have to do is attach the load to be lifted via the hook and raise the arm by raising the piston as you would with a jack.

Robust and neat construction for this crane with a capacity of 2 tonnes.

When you’re done using it, the tool folds up and stores easily.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum capacity: 2 Tons
Maximum height of the crane: 230cm
Height from the ground: 145 cm.
Floor length: 155 cm.
Weight: 73 Kg
Box dimensions and weight: 82*82*8cm 38kg, 144*23*16 35kg
Boom length from 1570mm (500Kg) to 950mm (2000Kg)
8 ton hydraulic cylinder
6 steering wheels
70*70mm square tube frame
Comes unassembled


The liftable masses indicated are maximum weights for a perfectly distributed and above all static load. You must take this into account when buying your tool and using it. Thus, you must oversize the product in relation to your needs as well as adapt the load setting. For example, we do not recommend a 2 ton crane for a real mass of 1500kg. Indeed, if it is not perfectly distributed and it moves on the way up, the actual weight lifted exceeds the capacities of the product!

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